What You Need To Know Before You Hike the Mountain: “STRAY”

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Mount Fako is one of the blessings of Cameroon.  For many years now, this mountain which is located in the Southwest Region of Cameroon, has been a touristic magnet. It has been attracting people from all over the world to this part of the country. When people hike the mountain for tourism, there are some rules and regulations to follow. These rules and regulations vary from country and/or local communities around the mountain. Filmmakers of Cameroon are trying hard to bring out some of these rules and regulations into the light of cinema. One of them is Palmer Ngale Mbua.

Movie Premiere: “STRAY”

Real talents can be delayed but can never be destroyed. Another baby is born in the Cameroon Film Industry. HOMEBOY ENTERTAINMENT is RELEASING their new movie “STRAY” on the 21st of FEBRUARY 2020,  6 pm at the BUEA MOUNTAIN HOTEL.

“STRAY” by Palmer Ngale Mbua (Producer/Writer/Director) is  a movie about tourism.  The movie was filmed in Buea and Douala. Among the many actors and actress who together with the crew turned the screenplay to a movie are:  Prince Sube; Jean-Marc Guillaume Cedot; Helen Nchung; Ivan Namme; Glory Chando Mokake and Tande Delphine.

The Tourist That Went Missing.

A French citizen who was visiting Cameroon for tourism, went missing in the forest of Mount Fako. Therefore, the French authority is on the neck of the Cameroon authority.  Following this, pressure is being mounted on the Bakweri community occupying the slope  by the Cameroon government.  Meanwhile, the community reported that, the traditional rites which was supposed to be performed before tourists climbed the mountain; was ignored by their Paramount Chief. Who should carry this blame?


Mix Film Production
A tourism film “Stray”

What You Need To Know Before You Hike The Mountain.

When cultural values are ignored, it becomes a problem for the community and the individuals. The Bakeweri community around the slope of the mountain has a traditional rites call “MBANDO”, which is performed before anyone climbs the mountain for tourism. This was ignored by the tourists in this movie.

“Mbando is a rite for land cleansing, land fertility, general security of the Fako land. It is performed once in a year. Once done it covers all even tourists hiking the mountain”  ( Palmer Ngale Mbua,  Writer of STRAY)



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