How to Penetrate the Music Industry With Mike Eriksson – Interview!

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Music plays a lead role in the entertainment industry. Checking in, to the music industry this time; we walked into the office of Mike Eriksson in Stockholm. A Swedish guitarist,  who has been in the industry for over 35 years. Eriksson plays all over Sweden together with Irene Jane Baker and Lone Star Blues.

The multi-career artist has also worked with Ben Buddy and has done some music on his own such as: moon of my life; wild garden; and graveyard blues. These songs can be listened to from: Spottily; Reverb nation; Number one music  and Sound cloud.

Mike Eriksson (Red Mike Ericson) (Unknownguitarhero)
Mike Eriksson
I love outdoor life, I am inspired by life experiences.


How long have you been in the music industry and how did you find yourself in?

It depends on how you count, because I started playing gigs at the age 17. Meanwhile, I have been getting wages as a semi pro for about 35 years now. I got a guitar as a gift for my twelfth birthday. From then, I was hooked on to music. By being stubborn to follow my heart in doing what I love doing, I had to move to Stockholm as a young adult. Then, I got to know other musicians.

Slowly, I started getting more possibilities to perform in different places. I played in different bands. Later; I had my own band for many years and recorded two albums. We played in many venues and stages. Thus, I have played some major roles in music, both acting and singing.

I had Plays that were performed in restaurang Bolaget in Sandviken “ The house of the rising Sandviken in a western” and I played the role of Frank Mcdigger the undertaker. Where I also presented one of my songs “Graveyard blues” I have also ´played a “hypokondric hard rocker “Rick Frisk” on a sju resort in the alps”.. Every activity I found myself in, there is music around. 

What is new in the Music industry of Sweden for what you know?

I can’t really tell, but what I know is that mainstream radio has the power of what’s to be played. The greatest news for the industry is that, there are many more educational centers for music training today.

Is there any aspect in the music industry which you see as a challenge? How can this be overcome?

Just like in other industries, I can say that the music industry is very corrupt in some ways. The issue is that money speaks, but that is little. The biggest challenge is to get the right contacts. Once you meet the right contact (s), many doors will open for you. And you will see yourself swimming in the industry like fishes in the ocean; while doing what you love doing.

What are the areas of your expertise in the Music industry and what inspires your creativity?

I’m a guitar player, but also a producer, songwriter and singer. Also, I  play other instruments such as, bass; flute; harmonica; percussion and some keyboard. I am inspired by experiences in life: thoughts; love; bad times; good times etc.

When you are not doing music what else are you doing?

Out of the music industry, you can find me doing some art work; painting, poems and novels. I also participate in some minor roles in films: Small background parts in TV series such as “Tre kärlekar” and Film such as “Ogifta par”  and Wrong Ship , which we shall do a premier soon..

Also, I  love the outdoors life, survival and tracker skills. I have different  kinds of Job career: such as  construction work; gardening;  youth leader: For example, presently, I work as a woodcraft teacher in a basic school.

What advice do you have for your colleagues and to aspiring musicians in the industry

Get contacts; get to know other musicians; play and go to jam sessions. Try to get a manger or someone to book shows for you. Try to get your stuff play on radio, musical TV-channels and internet channels. Follow your heart, do what you love. Same goes for the aspiring musicians.

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