“Wrong Ship” Our latest Movie Seeks Distributor(s)

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Mix Film Production is expanding. We are excited to bring an opportunity to our fans, movie lovers and distributors worldwide. We believe in partnership and we know no one can succeed as an Island. That is why we need you to partner with us in the film distribution channel. 
We want people who believe in our works and in the quality of our products to be part of the expansion of this our latest movie. 

‘WRONG SHIP’ – “Illegal immigrants on the run”

The movie “WRONG SHIP” is a featurette with the theme “Illegal immigrants”.  The film is about why and how some people become illegal in Europe.

The “WRONG SHIP” idea.”

Illegal immigration is a big concern. Meanwhile, the circumstance is also something to care about. 
The fight against illegal immigrants appears in the strategic plan of both the immigration and emigration countries. Yet in implementing the tactical plans, we need the story of each immigrant.  

More in the story! 

The film presents Illegal immigrants by status and activity. Of course, there are always consequences. People need to see this film and get into the illegal immigrants’ world. So as to understand them for a solution to this global issue.

Here we are!

To all the fantastic film distributors out there who are interested in African Stories or the theme, our doors are open for contract terms. Let’s talk. Send us a quick mail on our contact page  here

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