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Cameroon film industry is growing gradually as film production houses are coming up more often than before. CLE PICTURES is one of the production houses, created this 2019 by Azuhni Elvis and BrunHilda SK . They have their head office in Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon. Within this same year, the young production house has released its first short film with the title “CONSORT”


Cle Pictures
“We are more concerned with improving our communities through film” (Azuhni Elvis)

Film-making does not end at the arts of having some moving images on screen, it requires education to the society who consumes these films. The team of Cle Pictures are also taking this into full consideration as confirmed by the producer Azuhni Elvis during an interview.  During a deep conversation with one of the managers of this production house, we came to understand that, the “Consort” was a door opener for the company. Since then the connection rope has been tied to other production houses in the industry. 


What is new at Cle Pictures?

We are soon realising a sitcom with Ruphina’s House and Cijey Entertainment titled NJANGI. We have more stories about societal issues, that will help reshape our communities and make life better for us all.

What is important to you at Cle Pictures when planning for a production?

Cle Pictures seeks to help young Cameroonians to discover a path in Movie Making. Which is why we will be introducing new actors and actresses in every project we do. More so, we are more concerned with improving our communities through film, since people tend to remember what they see than what they hear.

What is Cle Pictures’ plan for the Cameroon film industry?

Cle Pictures is out to provide an avenue for people who wish to explore their talents in movie making since we are mostly concerned with practicals.

As an entertainment company, what advise do you have to the Cameroon film industry?

We believe that if stakeholders of the movie industry are united, with everyone offering a hand of support to others (especially up comers), then we will be able to do better movies and attract bigger investors and the industry will be better represented internationally.

What message do you have for Cameroonians base on their interest in Cameroon films?

We are calling on all Cameroonians to believe in us. Believe in home made products: be it fashion, music, technology, movies and what have you. Because we can only achieve emergence if we all believe in our country.

Where can one watch your products and how can they contact you?

Watch CONSORT and our upcoming products on our YouTube channel. Search for Cle Pictures on YouTube. Contact us by writing to

Thank you Cle Pictures for being our guest of honour, thank you reader for stopping by. 


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