Mix Film Entertainment: The blog is live. We care about you!

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We are turning a new phase, adding something awesome to our arsenal.

We are getting you covered. You, our fans are the reason we are here. So we want you educated and informed. We have embraced Content Marketing and we are excited about this move.

Knowing that Information is power, we want you empowered. We finally have an active blog where we can interact and engage on a more serious note.


Putting up a blog as this is with the aim of helping to expose some of the challenges in film production. Also, to bring out the skills involved in the production process. We wish to enlighten the independent and aspiring filmmakers in the different areas of production. This is to cut down the production crisis be it at home or abroad.

The blog aims to promote collaboration in the process of gaining knowledge from shared experiences. Filmmakers and other actors in the entertainment industry operating in and out of their home countries will be sharing their experience here and will be exposed to available actor and crew for their upcoming projects.

Mix Film Entertainment is a resource for filmmakers regarding promotion, education, and information. In this blog, filmmakers and other visitors can learn from educational tips and interviews with filmmakers. News about workshops and film schools will be popping in the blog. Also, filmmakers will meet colleagues for collaboration as well as information on equipment and festivals.

Based on the aim of the blog, the contents will be separated in the following four categories:

  1. Around the world: This section will publish news from the entertainment industry in relation to films. Also, the section will be having short films. Moreover, interviews with filmmakers and other works of arts will be placed here.
  2. Company news: Mix film Production’s updates will be announced here. So, ongoing projects and vacancies will be placed here.
  3. Movie Tips: This section is for film-making education. Thus, various themes will be discussed here regularly, Above all, filmmakers and other visitors are welcome to share their views and/or experiences.


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