How and Where to develop Musical skills: Baby Angel – INTERVIEW

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Our last visit was in Thailand. There, we met another creative Cameroonian in the entertainment industry. A songwriter, composer and singer who is also an arranger and a pianist – Moukon A. Abah Ange H. (Baby Angel). He is a producer and Director too.

So, who is Baby Angel and where are you currently?

I am a Cameroonian musician, born in Yaoundé. I graduates in sales marketing at ISMA Douala and in International Business and marketing (IBM) at international University of Technology Bangkok. I’m an ex basketball player in Cameroon and a basketball coach in Thailand.  Presently, I live in Thailand and doing my passion “Music”.

BABY ANGEL (Moukon A. Abah Ange H)

Baby Angel
We can’t learn talent, we can only develop it. I am inspired by many things.
You have grown much in the business field, thus how did you get into the music industry and what are some of the songs that you have released?

My first inspiration aroused from my father who was a good gospel singer I would play piano almost every day and listened to music at home with him. But I was influenced by Michael Jackson and R Kelly. Nevertheless, when I was very young; I knew in me that I will be a musician someday.

So, it was in my blood. For real, I am a musician by birth. At Pre-school, I was already singing and did many presentations where I was representing Michael Jackson. When I got into high school, I was gradually growing into a professional musician where, I was recording and doing live concerts.

I have more than 10 songs that are already out, some of them are: B.A Show; Change the world; I love u; we are children; let your light shine Africa… and more than 80 songs still in my computer and book waiting release. In addition. I have featured with some international artists like C-jay; Vaz and Wesley Vin. My new single LUMIR (Let Us Make It Right) is coming up very soon.

What is new in the music industry of Cameroon that you know?

I don’t really know much about the music industry of Cameroon at the moment, but for what I can say is that urban music and hip hop is getting better and better in Cameroon. So we (the people who start with that style) should be proud of our fight to make people respect that style.

As a Cameroonian musician abroad, is there any challenges you face? How do you handle it?

You know music industry is so big and we have different types of music and culture around the world. That alone is a challenge. So where ever you are, back home or abroad, there are always competition and other challenges.

But if you are good, you will impose yourself and people will respect you. To get that respect you should work and always work to keep your level or get better. As for me, where ever I go people respect me as an entertainer and musician. Yet the work continues.

As an artist, what is the most important factor when you plan for your music production?

There is nothing special to plan for a music production. First of all music comes always suddenly in my mind. When this happens, I keep it or record the sound on my phone. Then, I start to work on it whenever I have time. So anytime that I have new ideas I keep adding and reviewing the original idea until it is well placed.
What usually inspires you to sing?

I am inspired by many things: poverty, hunger, love, life stories, domination/terrorism, good or bad relationship, haters, and hard work, etc.

How and where can an aspiring Musician develop their skills?

There is no real way, place and time for an aspiring musician to develop their skills. I can say that, like any other talent; music is an in-born talent too. We can’t learn talent, we can only develop it. When you discover your talent in music, develop it by constant practice.

Music is an art, you just have to keep working on your music style to perform it and make sure that inside you are a real musician that you are not just getting into music to impress people around you. Also, make sure you mingle with musicians of your interest and if the need be, to attend a course to develop your talent do not hesitate to.

When you are not doing music, what else are you doing?

When I am not doing music, I am in another career area. I manage my company, I play and coach for basketball. I also spend time doing graphics designing posters. Such as the poster for my shows and some films such as Dilemma. Other than that I spend some of my time watching movies and listening to news.

What advice do you have for your colleagues in the music industry and your fans?

Never give up on your dreams keep working and find the way to make it happen. Always be positive; never waste your time on haters’ opinions. Those people are always there, for everyone must not like what you are doing.

To my fans, keep supporting me please. I know I have been without new production for long time now. But I promise that as from July you will have a new single LUMIR ( Let Us Make It Right ) from me and by the grace of my Creator, I will be popping out new singles often this time.

Is there any additional information you will like us to know about you?

I am just a quite person with a simple life style. I like Cameroonian foods. Check out BABY ANGEL on #SoundCloud  or my Youtube channel. 

Thank You!


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