HIV/AIDS: Filmmakers’Concern!

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Health, environment and people. These three are related in one way or the other. Health and environment determine the state of the people. On the other hand, people influence their health and environment too. They are interrelated, the explanation is deep because there are many aspects to look on. Today, we focus on Health, and on a particular aspect of Health, a call  for concern: HIV/AIDS!  

What to know about  HIV/AIDS.

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a life-threatening condition which is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). HIV is a virus which destroys the immune system. When affected by this virus, it prevents your body from fighting the organism that causes diseases. In that case, you will be affected by any diseases that comes your way. If not taking medicines to stop the development of the HIV, it will result to AIDS.  

The HIV virus can stay in your body without you knowing until you are attacked by many diseases. To know if you have the virus or not, is to take the HIV test. Thus, the filmmakers of Mix Film Production see the need of explaining the importance of the HIV test in their movie.


The Importance of taking the HIV Test

It is difficult for most people, especially youths to take the HIV test. Even for those who for one reason or the other take the test, some of them have difficulties in collecting their results. These are some of the reasons behind the persistent fighting against HIV/AIDS through awareness creation. 

The adage that goes “Prevention is better that cure” is big and deep. It applies to every situation with the prevention tool: “Sensitization”. Sensitization is an “attempt to make oneself or others aware of and responsive to certain ideas, events, situations, or phenomenon.” defined by business dictionary.

By watching the full movie Dilemma, you will understand that: 

  • HIV and AIDS are not the same;
  • HIV and AIDS are related; 
  • One can live with the HIV Virus as long as possible;.
  • HIV doesn’t kill;
  • If one does not prevent HIV it will result to AIDS.

There is more to learn about HIV/AIDS from this short movie.

Most people are not aware that what kills is the stigma and not Virus. Depression that is caused by thought from what one is sick of is worst than the illness itself. The degree of an illness depends on the level of the  patient’s worries about the illness. This also applies to HIV. 


“Knowledge is Life”
Go for your HIV Test. 

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