Four Truths about Creativity: What is Creativity?

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Mix Film Production encourages creativity. For this reason, we decided to start this section with a brief discussion on creativity. We love you all. So, we want both our fans and other visitors to know that everyone has the ability to be creative.  

What is Creativity?

According to the Cambridge dictionary: “Creativity is the ability to produce original and unusual ideas or to make something new or imaginative.” Linda Naiman (2014) looks at creativity as the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.  She explains further that “a creative person has the ability to perceive the world in a new way”.

What does it mean to be creative? 

Another author gives a detailed description of the meaning of being creative.

“When you’re being creative, you can see the hidden patterns; make connections between things that aren’t normally related, and come up with new ideas. Creative ability depends on creative thinking which is part of hard work but largely creative problem-solving”

( Kylie Oralobell, 2018)

Four ways to identify Creativity

 Guilford (1968,) presented four ways to identify creativity. Which are simplified below:

  • First of all, we have FLUENCY.  Where the concept can easily be expressed. 
  • Also, FLEXIBILITY as an identification.  This could mean that In times of concept crises, the concept can be modified. Meanwhile, the original concept remains the same.
  • Another identification is ORIGINALITY. Which means that the Concept comes from you. Moreover, you alone know how to put it out.
  • Finally, ELABORATION. Meaning there is the ability to expand on the concept

 Four Truths about creativity outline.

  1. There is creativity in every individual. In other words, everyone has the ability to do something different.
  2. Creative ideas can be similar but not equal. Because each person is a unique creature, everyone has their ways of crafting ideas. thus creativity has no rule
  3. Creativity has a positive relationship with inspiration. That is, Inspiration increases the ability to be creative. The more inspired you are, the more creative you become. 
  4. Creativity exists in all works of life. Thus, the conception that creativity exists just in arts and culture is wrong.

 More on Creativity


“Creativity should be seen at the center of all discipline.” Sir Ken Robinson

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