Film Production: Who are the Financial Backbones?

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It is great to have a general idea about each film crew’s responsibilities. Learning is a continuous process and we are here to drop just basic knowledge.Because we cannot learn everything in a day or course, we try our best  to put up just some important tips about film production.

Who are the Financial backbones in film production?

Although all people who contribute to the success of a film are important, certain people remain the pillar for its existence. They are the  financial backbones for the project. Everything that has to do with money is based on their participation to the project. Without these people, the film will remain on papers or in the mind.The financial backbones are mostly some producers and Sponsors.


Sponsors  are mostly companies or individuals who provide finance in return of advertising their products in the film. Some can also invest just as a charitable deed to encourage a production.  These people are not concern in the production nor the profits. They only want to see that their products have been advertised or in the case of charity, the success of the project. 


The producers here are the Executive producer; the Producer and the co-producer. Other producers such as line producer and associate producer don’t provide finance. 

Executive producers

An executive producer is mostly a business person, who invest his money in a film project for either profit or fame. He can either put his money to get back with or without interest etc based on the agreement with the producer.  Executive producer can also be an individual or production companies that put in talents for profit from the project. He can get involved in one or all of the stages of production depending on the level of involvement. 

Some responsibilities of the Executive producer 
  • Assist in raising a significant proportion of a film’s finance by communicating with some financial sources.
  • Are not directly involve in the day-to-day productions of the film
  • Are not involved in the technical aspects of the filmmaking process,
  • Work closely with the producer

Producer :

A producer acts as the initiator and general manager of the project from concept through completion.  Thus, the producer is active in all the production stages and owns the entire right of the film (if he is not hired). He can be the idea creator or buys the idea from other idea creators. Sometimes he is none of these two, then he is employed by a production company. A producer can either be an individual or a production company. It is not in all cases that a producer is a financial backbone. In a case where a production company hires a producer, he gets salary instead or providing the finance.

Some responsibilities of the producer
  • .Evaluates and confirms the script;
  • .Recruits actors with the help of the Directors;
  • Provides all or majority of finance for the production of the movie;
  • Approves every idea for the production
  • Work very closely with the production manager, Writer, Director, Editor and co-producer.


Co-Producer is a company that receives project proposal from a producer. If interested, the company will join the project from the beginning. Thus,  a co-producer shares the films budget and rights with the Producer. He is active in all stages of production but not as active as the producer.

Some responsibilities of a co-producer
  • Evaluates and confirm the script;
  • Provide Add-ons if necessary.;
  • Works closely with writer, Director and Producer.



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