How to overcome challenges in the music industry

How to Overcome challenges in the music industry: David Gideon – Interview

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One of the things that we look at when thinking about soul management is music. When we stopped at Southern New Mexico of the U.S.A, it was to check in at a music house. There, we met another creative person in the entertainment industry: a guitarist, Producer and Director-

David Gideon.



Nice to meet you. Can you tell us briefly about you?

I am a singer and a songwriter from the southern United States. Someone who grew up moving around a lot. I’ve lived in Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas and Florida as a child and later California. Currently, I am residing in southern New Mexico.

How long have you been in the music industry? And what are some of the songs that you have released?

I’m not sure that I’ve ever been “in the industry”. I started playing drums at the age of 13 and was in a few bands with friends in my teens as well as my High School Jazz band. We won some regional competitions and I remember getting to go to Disneyland in Florida to compete. That was my first big “gig”.

I have produced and “released” quite a few albums over the years for myself and others in different musical genres. These are some  few that have been distributed, whether physically or online such as.“Red Boots” ;“Drifter”; “Wings Of An Angel” ; “Choppers” with  Ishi Dube “I Am Here” with Jethro Jeremiah. Also, I have a new video and single that was out on the 1st of June 2019 title “Southwestern Skies” , which, I’m very proud of.

David Gideon
Location is everything when you’re getting established. I am motivated by many things.
How did you get into the music industry? 

By playing music as much as possible. The word “industry” is an elusive term here, which connotes making money. Yes, I have always made money to varying degrees. But never much so, while I consider myself a professional musician, I’m not sure when you can officially say you’re “in the industry”.

What is new in the Music industry of your area, that you know?

I consider “my area” to be the USA as I have lived and played all over the country. Well, I think the most relevant change to the music industry in general has been the fact that music is mostly “streamed” nowadays. Physical CD sales occur mostly at live shows, if at all it does. This has caused a large decline in actual profits for musicians, most “streaming” on platforms pays little to nothing. Even for hugely popular artists, which I am not for now. Touring and merchandise sales represent the only real chance of making any money for a musician nowadays. Even Grammy winning, platinum artists can be broke nowadays due to this reality.

What are the challenges you face and how can one overcome challenges in the music Industry? 

There’s no such thing at any level of the game, no matter how “big” your career gets. There will always be very real challenges. Overcoming the challenges of the music industry would best be achieved by not being involved in it at all.

What is it that stimulates your creativity?

Many things, it constantly changes. One day it could be this and the next it could be that. Mostly, I just don’t want to sound like crap when I play and sing. So, that’s pretty motivating.

As an artist, what is the most important factor when you plan for your music production?

Writing a “damn” good song, Period. certainly, having the money to pay for a professional studio, engineers, musicians, photographers, graphic designers, manufacturing and distribution companies to get it out there helps too.

When you are not producing music what else are you doing?

Exercising. it is important to have a day job though, when getting your career started. I personally found out that, cooking in restaurants was a great skill to acquire and it has served me well in between tours and projects. There is absolutely nothing wrong with working a real job while pursuing music and in fact, it’s the only way your going to eat for quite awhile. Eventually “busking” or playing on the street for tips is a great way to earn extra money while practicing and learning to deliver in front of a crowd. There’s no replacement for it.

What advice do you have for your colleagues in the music industry and to the aspiring musicians especially those coming to the USA for a music career?

Stay off of drugs and booze; work hard and keep practicing with the right people. Don’t bother. It’s a hard life. If you are going to pursue a career; you had better be really, really good or you’re wasting your time. All of that boils down to practice. Also, move to New York, Los Angeles, California or Nashville, Tennessee. Location is everything when you’re getting established.

Thank you!



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