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Cameroonian Musicians Abroad: The Challenge is Real! (GUY MANU SPEAKS)

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Music is a spiritual healer. Musicians just like preachers and teachers, are educators. Also, they are informants just like the prophets and like filmmakers, musicians are story tellers. What does it take to do music abroad and how can one build creativity in the industry?  Today,  the Mix Film Entertainment Team meets an African and famous Musician of Cameroon origin living in Cicada.

Guy Manu has been into music since 1990 and came out professionally in 1997, when he released his 1st single “ Sous Prefet. Since then, the singer and songwriter has been releasing many others songs like liberte sasaye kine, sita pauline , secteur informel , generation precarite, immigration choisie , sukambelle,etc. The producer who is also the Director of photography of his productions, has just released his latest album title  El Mundo.


Guy Manu
Music is an eternal spiritual art. I am inspired by everyday life.

It takes an inspirational mind to be creative as you are. So, what inspired you to do music?

Cameroon definitely made me grow as a musician. I got inspiration from the society and my family background. This shaped the musicianship in me. I was raised in Moungo,  where the main music brand is Makossa (which means “Dance” in the Douala language). This society favoured my musical integration. Also, my mother was a singer, so I had the opportunity to develop that talent too from her.

What does it take to be a musician in Cameroon? Is there a role or special training center?

Many things in Cameroon are natural; to be a singer or musician is very easy. We often learn on the job and sometimes with acquaintances. There is no special role or procedure to follow if someone wants to become a singer or musician in Cameroon. All you need to have is the talent and inspiration. Then you will see that you are being creative in the industry.

There are certain pull factors to creativity, What are some of the things that stimulates your creative thinking? And what is important to you when you plan your production?

My creativity is being stimulated by everyday life. I am inspired by the happenings of the world. Globalization has made it possible for one to see the whole world in a single platform. This is a plus to my inspiration. Planning for a music production is not different from other project planning. When planning for my production, I focus more on the song and the finance.

What are the challenges to be a Cameroonian musician abroad? 

The challenge is real. Back home, we have a lot of time to compose; promote and sometimes make many tours. While abroad, it is difficult to do all that at once because we have more than 80% of other professions outside the music industry. It is not easy to coup but we’re holding on because it is our call.

When you are not doing music what else are you doing?

When I am not doing music, I am at my job-site. Just like doing music, I enjoy working out of the entertainment industry too. I work as an economist for a network company.

What advice do you have for your colleagues and aspiring musician or the society in general? 

Everyone should look deeply into their daily activities. In both the good and the bad experiences, there are lessons to pick out as a creative tool. Music is an eternal spiritual art. Inspiration comes from everyday life. My advice to those who are already in the industry is to keep working for persistent stimulation of their inspiration. For those who wish to join the industry, they should listen to their internal spirits and learn anything they think it is a tool to push them into the industry. This is also to everyone in any area not just in music.  

Thank you.

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