The Cameroon Film Industry needs Empowerment: An in-depth Interview with A. H. Obama

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Cameroon is  mostly identified by it’s football icons, especially from those in the past. But, there are many other areas which are pinned to this unique country in Africa. The cultural sector is one of them. Filmmakers just as musicians, have been working so hard to sustain this sector. It is often said that “charity…

How and Where to develop Musical skills: Baby Angel – INTERVIEW

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Our last visit was in Thailand. There, we met another creative Cameroonian in the entertainment industry. A songwriter, composer and singer who is also an arranger and a pianist – Moukon A. Abah Ange H. (Baby Angel). He is a producer and Director too. So, who is Baby Angel and where are you currently? I…

How to Penetrate the Music Industry With Mike Eriksson – Interview!

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Music plays a lead role in the entertainment industry. Checking in, to the music industry this time; we walked into the office of Mike Eriksson in Stockholm. A Swedish guitarist,  who has been in the industry for over 35 years. Eriksson plays all over Sweden together with Irene Jane Baker and Lone Star Blues. The…

Ghanian film industry

Challenges in the Ghana film industry: (Interview with a Film Director)

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When talking about the countries with English films in Africa, Ghana is one of them. We received a multi-talented filmmaker; founder and Creative Director of Digital Creative Media: Salifu Abdul Hafiz. The 29-years-old filmmaker writes, directs, edits and color grade his own projects. Also, he is  the official Videographer for one of Africa’s great music…

mixfilmproduction crew

Are you interested in Film Production?

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Making films is not as easy as watching them. But creativity makes life easier during film making. Meanwhile,  being a filmmaker is a call, just as those in other fields. Once called, one needs to develop the talent through working in a production Company and/or attending a film school. With experiences, talents are develop easily….

Film Production Tips : The Production and  Post- Production Stages

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Here we go again, filmmaking! More tips on the film production process. Storytelling through films is an interesting art. We talked about the Pre-production stage before, which is where the production planning and script breakdown takes place. Now, we are on the next two stages that are involved when making films: Production and Post-production . …

Guy Manu

Cameroonian Musicians Abroad: The Challenge is Real! (GUY MANU SPEAKS)

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Music is a spiritual healer. Musicians just like preachers and teachers, are educators. Also, they are informants just like the prophets and like filmmakers, musicians are story tellers. What does it take to do music abroad and how can one build creativity in the industry?  Today,  the Mix Film Entertainment Team meets an African and…

Six Questions to Help You Plan for your Film Production

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Mix Film Production’s creativity is based on film production. Filmmaking or Film production as it is known academically,  is the act of transforming stories into moving images. Before thinking of producing a film, have it in mind that films are not different from other products when it comes to the production process. Producing a film…

Anglophone crisis is affecting creativity in the Cameroon Film Industry!

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Cameroon film industry has always been described as “the upcoming industry”, even though it has been existing since 1962. Today, it can be analyzed that Cameroonians make sufficient progress in the art of filmmaking. But there seems to be a huge stumbling block around the industry. Talking to one of the active filmmakers, we were…

Four Truths about Creativity: What is Creativity?

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Mix Film Production encourages creativity. For this reason, we decided to start this section with a brief discussion on creativity. We love you all. So, we want both our fans and other visitors to know that everyone has the ability to be creative.   What is Creativity? According to the Cambridge dictionary: “Creativity is the…